Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Random Things in my Life....

Sometimes I forget about the pictures I take on my phone so I'm sorry if these seem so random!

Katie and I have this lovely glow in the dark message on our room wall... We hate it. Our nightly routine is to tell Jonny how much we dislike him... :)
So for those of you that don't know... I am petrified of birds. Petrified. So when I was walking to school one day, I saw a huge group of seagulls together. At first, I thought I could just walk around them and we wouldn't bother each other. Wrong. The second I got semi close, the birds took flight and basically scared me to death. I had flashbacks to "The Birds" the movie and thought they were going to peck me to death (or poop on me!) which neither one was ok. I literally told myself as I was walking underneath their circling wings (yes, they were circling me.) that it was ok and that I wasn't going to die. Thank you to my father for scarring me as a young child... So messed up as an adult now...

Another day, as I was walking to school, I noticed how pretty of a morning it was! It was nice, chilly weather and the mountains were beautiful with the colors changing!! I love the fall!!!!
My camera doesn't do it any justice.
I didn't buy a sports pass this year because of money... But one of my friends offered me her ticket to the Hawaii game (HECK YES!!! Polys galore :) ) The tickets were THIRD ROW!!!!!! Woot woot!

My hubby is in there somewhere... :)

The next day (Saturday) I went to Rugby sevens all day! My life could NOT get any better. I love Rugby. BYU won the tournament, of course.

Sorry for the finger.. Obviously I was slightly distracted.. :)
My friend likes to hunt and has several guns... I so lovingly slipped to him that I love to go shooting... So he took me up to the mountains to sight his gun before he went hunting. Worry not. I stunned him with my skills. NBD. This was actually my first time shooting a revolver!! Note to self: Get a revolver. The only gun I have shot is my daddy's shotgun and his bear gun. So shooting a revolver was amazing!!! As well as shooting his muzzle loader! So much fun!!! :)
So we all know that my roommates and I like to dress up... But this time we were told to!!! So for FHE, we did Secret Service Ninjas! I have never done this before, but basically you cover your face so no one can recognize you and then you run into people's apartments and cleaned their houses for them. It was lots of fun! :) Plus, we looked legit.

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  1. Putnam! I just discovered your blog from alissas.... hope thats ok! But I said the EXACT same thing about the Hawaii game: POLYS EVERYWHERE :) :) haha loved it!! I miss you! we need to play pronto!